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Apex Legends: Vantage abilities are very newcomer-friendly

Published: 13:38, 09 August 2022
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Vantage
Apex Legends - Vantage

Respawn Entertainment is launching a new season in Apex Legends, which features a character that should be pretty good for new players who don't understand deeper systems of the game yet.

Apex Legends is introducing Vantage, a survivalist sniper as the latest Legend and despite her background, she is going to be highly useful to teammates, as opposed to favouring a lone wolf approach.

On top of that, Vantage features some intrinsic mechanics that allow newcomers to catch up with veterans easier by making the game more transparent about its inner workings.

For example, Vantage's passive is Spotter Lens, which allows the player to see bullet dropoff when using mid and long-range scopes. While bullet traces were also giving some idea of where they were landing even before the newest Legend made her entry, now you can see where they will go before firing.

The passive will allow players to familiarise themselves with weapons in Apex Legends and how they perform over certain ranges easier but that's not the only assistance Vantage's kit offers.

Her ultimate, Sniper's Mark provides an immense amount of information. You can see the type of shield your target and their teammates have, which also tells you how many people in that squad are alive. On top of that, the weapon shows the distance from the target and if you are in a bind or low on ammo, this weapon can deal pretty good damage with 50 on the first hit and 100 on every subsequent shot due to the damage increase from marked enemies.

Vantage's tactical, Echo Location, is fairly similar to Loba's bracelet in function, meaning it will allow players to reposition properly if they find themselves in the wrong spot.

All of this contributes to Vantage being a great pick for newcomers but it remains to be seen if experienced players will find her kit too be a bit too useful and whether the future holds nerfs for the survivalist sniper.

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