Escape from Tarkov: Is the bitcoin farm worth it in 2022?

Published: 15:24, 05 August 2022
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Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin farm
Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin farm

Is it worth investing in bitcoin farm is one of the most asked questions by experienced Tarkov players, especially now with the Crypto market crashing. Check out our take on it.

Bitcoin farm is the most profitable upgrade a player can make in the Hideout in the Escape from Tarkov but it does come with a big investment in front, leaving a lot of players wondering, is it worth it?

The answer to that question is not simple, nor the same for every player. There are 2 major complexity factors to account for here:

  • How often do you play?
  • How long into the wipe are we at the moment?

Based on those two answers, we will try to give you the best recommendation for each of the bitcoin farm levels.

  Level 1 Bitcoin farm

To go straight to the point - yes, you should upgrade to a Level 1 bitcoin farm, and we recommend it to all players except in two cases: 

  • If you're reading this couple of weeks before the wipe, then we recommend playing out the rest of the wipe, practicing early quests, and having fun as there is not much of a point to building it without harvesting its gains. But as soon as the game wipes, upgrade the Hideout as soon as possible.
  • You are literally playing a couple of hours a week, and want to spend as little time outside the raid as possible. Then, by all means, do what is best for you and enjoy the game.

For all other players, the bitcoin farm 1 is a freebie. The cost of upgrading to level one is less than 1 million Rubles, and you only need to populate it with 10 graphic cards. The cards can be either purchased on the Flea market (once unlocked) or found in a raid. The cards don't have to have the FIR (found in raid) status, so that makes it all much easier.

Even if you purchase all ten cards, you will still break even after a couple of weeks, and considering a regular player can reach level 1 requirements within the first month of the wipe, you get free money daily for the other 5 months of the wipe. Good deal, no?

It takes around 13 hours to create one bitcoin, and your farm can hold 3 bitcoins at a time. That is why we didn't recommend building the farm for players who play once a week, as the bitcoin farm needs players to maintain and collect bitcoins every 3/4 days with level 1. In addition, the bitcoin farm requires the generator to run at all times, so the player must have a consistent fuel supply.

It's worth mentioning that Battlestate Games  are adjusting the in-game bitcoin price to match real-life, so its current value is around 100k, which is the lowest point in the last couple of years, but even with the current ruble-bitcoin ratio, it pays off to have the farm. 

At the current prices, you are looking at just under 100k rubles of profit per day, not counting the fuel cost.

  Level 2 Bitcoin farm

Similar logic and factors apply to the level 2 bitcoin farm, only upscaled. Level 2 bitcoin farm requires under a million to build, and 25 cards to fill. The investment, therefore, is more than double, and it takes just over two months to break even.

That number can be lowered by doing multiple runs of high-tier locations like Interchange, The Lab, and the Lighthouse, and finding the GPUs in raid rather than buying them via the Flea market.

Pestily EFT Streamer Pestily showing his bitcoin farm EFT Streamer Pestily showing his bitcoin farm

The second factor is the current phase of the wipe. Early and mid-wipe are a good point to invest, but as we approach the late wipe, the cost/gain value reduces, so if you're reading this with maybe a month or two before the wipe, it might just be worth doing the level 1 farm and going after the level 2 in the next wipe.

Level 2 farm will also take more of your time to maintain, as it takes around 8 hours to produce 1 bitcoin, so you will have to enter the game daily to not halt the production.

Once the farm is up and running, it will give players between 125k and 150k daily, which is the price of selling one graphic card without the FIR status. 

For casual players, who don't want to spend as much time outside the raids, Level 1 will do. For players who are looking to invest time in EFT, and are running a lot of other things in the Hideout as well, a level 2 bitcoin farm is a must.

  Level 3 Bitcoin farm

Again straight to the point, level 3 farm is not for everyone. For starters, it takes over 3 months to break even as it requires 50 GPUs, so anytime other than the early wipe, going for the Level 3 bitcoin farm is simply not worth it.

Once built, the farm produces 1 bitcoin every 5 hours, meaning you will have to maintain the farm twice a day to avoid production stops. A player can earn just over 200k per day, which is a nice income, but bear in mind that the costs of building the farm will be between 10 and 20 million, depending on how many cards you find in raid or purchase, and finding 50 GPUs in the raid is no walk in the park.

For players who are doing their first Tarkov wipes, we avoid skipping level 3 farm for now. As for the experienced players, we recommend that you try building it once at the beginning of the wipe

As we all have different playing styles, for some players it will be a living nightmare, and you will get an answer in the process so you can avoid thinking about it in the following wipes. For others, it might come easier than expected, if you're a natural at making money or leaving raids with good loot.


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