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Apex Legends gets Kings Canyon After Dark as Grand Soirée LTM

Published: 18:42, 24 January 2020
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Apex Legends, Kings Canyon After Dark mode

It feels as if Respawn brought back a dear old friend, albeit a bit sunburnt from a vacation, as Apex Legends' Grand Soirée event has rotated the limited-time modes and added Kings Canyon After Dark. Welcome back. Skull Town?

I mean, nobody will remember to drop there, it should gi...okay, this time we're dropping elsewhere. Okay, that's not actually how our first game went, as my teammates went for a more secluded location, but you can bet your behind this is someone's story. 

There's really not much to say about Kings Canyon After Dark other than it's a fair bit different than the one you remember, but not in terms of the map itself. It's the actual experience that's slightly tweaked, as the dark is, well, dark. 

It's actually a clever move by Respawn to appease those Apex Legends players who have been shedding salty rivers reminiscing about Kings Canyon as if they spent their childhood there, while simultaneously ensuring that others don't feel like stuck in a time loop. 

Our earlier guess was that Grand Soirée mode will save Kings Canyon After Dark for last to make it more special, but it seems that Dummies Big Day is the special LTM to look out for. Which also explains why it's the only mode that Respawn didn't explain in detail. 

Grand Soirée has proven to be quite a blast, but if you're still hungry for Kings Canyon after the current LTM, you'll be able to satisfy your hunger in Ranked Series 3. Apex Legends: Assimilation's Ranked Mode has been divided into two splits, with soft resets on each, where the second split takes place on Kings Canyon. 

EA Apex Legends characters skydiving towards the ground Apex Legends, not Skull Town? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

Apex Legends: Assimilation, i.e. Season 4, will bring a new corporate-sponsored hero, Forge, the new Sentinel sniper rifle and a . You can learn more about all the .

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