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Apex Legends Encore reveals Ballistic's background

Published: 18:19, 25 April 2023
Updated: 00:57, 26 April 2023
Apex Legends - Ballistic living up to his moniker
Apex Legends - Ballistic living up to his moniker

Ballistic is sliding into Apex Legends roster in a couple of weeks and now all the details about him are known, including his backstory and more.

Ballistic will be the first true geriatric in Apex Legends - even though Ash and Horizon are technically older than him, there was no black hole or mechanisation in his case.

Back in his day, Ballistic was a star of the Thunderdome Games, the precursor to Apex Games. In those circumstances, people weren't as safe as in Apex, where they keep going at it time and again.

During his escapades in Thunderdrome, Ballistic met the love of his life and her brother, which led to the trio teaming up.

However, Ballistic wasn't a team player, which cost his brother-in-law his life, which led to overwhelming guilt that caused him to become a recluse for two decades.

There was just one tiny wrinkle in his plans to never appear in the world again - the son he had with Sok Leng had grown up by now and enrolled in Apex Games. To prevent him going down the same path, Ballistic came out of the shadows and entered himself.

At the fresh young age of 63, this guy is looking to go up against younglings with mechanical and bio enhancements, robots and more. It remains to be seen how this breakneck adventure will end.

His abilities leaked months ago so take the info available with a grain of salt.


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