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Apex Legends: Escape gets launch trailer, gameplay video to follow

Published: 19:12, 21 October 2021
Apex Legends: Escape is coming on November 2
Apex Legends: Escape is coming on November 2

Apex Legends' upcoming season 11 "Escape" will take the Legends to a beach, introduce Ash to the roster and add a fresh SMG to the mix. The launch trailer just dropped and we'll get to see the actual gameplay very soon.

Apex Legends' upcoming season titled "Escape" just got a brand-new four-minute-long trailer showcasing the new Legend, the Outlands and a glimpse of the C.A.R. SMG. 

Apex Legends: Escape launch trailer
New Legend: Ash

According to season 11's page on the official website, "Ash is done just overseeing the games: she's ready to win them and prove she's the Apex Predator." We didn't have any additional information about how the new Legend will actually feel to play but now we have some idea about her utility in the fight. We were able to glean a couple of Ash's signature moves from the trailer:

The giant sword on her back will be super useful in close-quarter skirmishes but the weapon seems to also have one additional perk: it can open rifts in space and allow Ash to teleport to her chosen target. 

Ash's second most impressive piece of sharp hardware is some kind of a ferromagnetic dagger. She'll also tote around a thingamajig that can electrocute other Legends as well as a run-of-the-mill pistol.

The Outlands

Every tv show has a beach day episode and Apex Legends is in its 11th season. However, this is Apex and those pristine beaches will run with blood, gore and mechanical parts before MIrage gets a chance to quip about the heat.

New Weapon: C.A.R. SMG

Introduced as the weapon "for when you’re ready to make a stand", we only got a brief look at C.A.R. in the launch trailer. 

As always, we'll know more when the actual gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Escape goes live on October 25. 

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