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Apex Legends gets a bow weapon and new Legend Valkyrie next season

Published: 15:56, 19 April 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Valkyrie
Apex Legends - Valkyrie

Respawn Entertainment revealed some new information about the upcoming season of Apex Legends and released a cinematic trailer for the next Legend.

Respawn tends to send out a bunch of information that may or may not be false before big releases, in order to keep the element of surprise for when the actual content reveals happen. It may be the case with Valkyrie as well, since she popped up in the highlight on April 19, 2021, while everyone was still talking about datamined info on Pariah and Blisk.

Anyway, she is young but also shares a long history with a Titanfall 2 character other than Blisk. Those who played the game will recall a particular mission where Cooper and BT-7274 face off against a particularly annoying pilot in the clouds. Without spoiling the plot any further, you may want to check out the trailer below where Valkyrie reunites with Blisk after a long while.

Not much was revealed in the way of her abilities other than the fact that the new Legend may have salvaged a Northstar Titan's parts to get some micro rockets and flying capabilities of her own.

Besides the new character, the official Apex Legends website is also teasing the compound bow we can look forward to in the coming season, which will start on on May 4, 2021.

Infested Olympus will be the new old map as we are already familiar with its layout but it will be affected by a plague outbreak.

Apex Legends - Season 7: Ascension's new map, Olympus

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