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Apex Legends: Ballistic abilities and class passives

Published: 00:57, 26 April 2023
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Ballistic closeup
Apex Legends - Ballistic closeup

Ballistic may have been a selfish and vainglorious competitor once upon a time but if his abilities are anything to go by, he is no longer that man.

Ballistic's backstory revealed that one of his biggest regrets comes from being selfish on the battlefield and his brother-in-law paid the ultimate price for it.

However, Respawn seems to like a good redemption ark and the newest Apex Legend 's kit appears to be more than just about himself as he can provide his teammates with useful tools over the course of the battle.

Since he is an Assault, he will be able to access the secret container in Weapon Supply Bins, which will give him personalised gear and he will be able to carry more ammo than other classes.

As for the actual character skills, Ballistic's Passive is Weapon Sling which allows him to carry a third weapon but accessing it is somewhat clunky. Additionally, this weapon cannot take attachments.

The Tactical ability is Smart Bullet, which will cause the enemies' weapons to overheat upon being used. If an overheat triggers, it will cause damage to the wielder.

Weapon Enhancer is Ballistic's ultimate, which provides him and all nearby teammates with better reload speed, movement speed and temporary infinite ammo. 

The third weapon that is in Ballistic's sling passive becomes upgraded to gold quality for the duration of the ultimate. 

Keep in mind that the info on his abilities comes from the year-old leak that proved to be correct so far but there is no telling if Respawn altered something along the way.


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