Wo Long Fallen Dynasty beginner's guide - Starting tips and tricks

Published: 12:29, 03 March 2023
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Starting tips
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Starting tips

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an extremely difficult game, even for experienced players. In this guide, we will show you some starting tips and methods to make your life simpler while facing some pretty strong foes.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty , the latest action RPG from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo , will put your gaming skills to the test. If you want to overcome even the weakest enemies, let alone the bosses, you must perform every move, attack, and block flawlessly.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty just doesn't forgive recklessness and is not one of those button-mashing games. Every opponent will require a unique strategy to defeat, and most scenarios that appear simple will almost certainly force you to restart the game from the most recent checkpoint several times only to learn the pattern of the enemies.

As a result, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty might prove difficult for newcomers, particularly those with no prior experience with souls-like games, and may even cause players to abandon the game altogether in some situations. In this guide, we will attempt to provide you with some starting suggestions and aid you as best we can in the first few hours of the game.

So, without further ado, let us jump into it.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Beginner tips

Wo Long begins off hard, letting you know that you are not on holiday in ancient China but are there to kill some rebels and ancient creatures, and you must act appropriately. Keep your wits about you and do not underestimate any opponent, since they are all dangerous in their own way.

Sneak up on enemies

The good news is that the AI in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is not particularly sophisticated, and enemies will not attack until you are very close to them. Be sure to use this to your advantage and sneak up on every enemy you can and stub him from behind. This can undoubtedly ease some unpleasant situations for you.

Use block often

Most of the attacks can be blocked by holding the block button, no matter how hard the attack seems to you. The only unblockable attack is the one that turns red before being executed by the enemy. Hold the block for as long as your stamina lasts, and make sure to attack the enemy only when he finishes his attacking sequence.

AltChar Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will pose a real challenge even for the experienced players Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will pose a real challenge even for the experienced players

DO NOT mash the attack buttons simultaneously

As enemies attack you, time your strikes and perform a block; use dodge only when your opponent attacks you with an unblockable attack. Additionally, learn when to press dodge since if you don't time it well, the red attack will consume one morale point, which may be a game-changer in certain tough fights.

Boost your morale points

Every level in the game starts with the morale level at zero. As you kill the enemies, your morale as well as the morale of your companions grows, and at the end of each level, the very tough boss will be waiting to cross swords with you. When you encounter the boss for the first time, you will see his morale level. If your moral level is lower, the most certain outcome will be your death. If that's the case, wander around the level to boost your morale to match or exceed his. This will give you an edge in those fights and increase your odds.

AltChar Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: The flags will replenish your health, but they will also respawn enemies Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: The flags will replenish your health, but they will also respawn enemies

Use the flags for an easy moral harvesting

The spots where you can rest and upgrade your skills are at the heart of any souls-like game. These locations will refill your health and healing potions while also respawning all enemies. If you need morale points, you can take advantage of this situation. Locate a flag near several enemies that can be easily killed, kill them, return to the flag, rest, and repeat the process for as long as you need until you have enough moral points. But be cautious not to be hit by the red attack, since it will severely disrupt your farming process.

Be patient when fighting bosses

Every boss has a different attack pattern. You will most likely die multiple times before learning how to fight a certain boss. Just keep one thing in mind: blocking and patience are your allies, whereas dodging and button-hammering are your enemies. Some more "human" bosses will carry traditional weaponry and will also block your attacks. When this happens, use your martial arts skills to break through their defences. This approach may be used on any boss, but it should not be used frequently because martial arts eat stamina, and stamina is required for blocking, so use these moves wisely.


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