Destiny 2: How to defeat Vul'ourn and complete Under Siege in Legendary difficulty

Published: 13:50, 03 March 2023
Destiny 2 - Cabal and their drop pods
Destiny 2 - Cabal and their drop pods

Destiny 2: Lightfall features bosses with "difficulty" that doesn't make them fun or challenging but rather annoying and tedious. Here is how to get rid of Vul'ourn, one such boss.

Bungie missed the mark with the difficulty concept for the Legendary campaign in Destiny 2 : Lightfall - instead of learning from their own success in Witch Queen and crafting interesting encounters, they just copped out with difficulty for the sake of difficulty.

Vul'ourn is a great example - this annoying sack of health points will just summon drop pods as phases change in his fight but the arena you are fighting him in is tight and there is no telegraphy.

In other words, you will get one-shot a lot and there are only two ways to defeat him - either memorise the entire drop pod sequence so you can be in the right place at the right time or cheese him.

Step-by-step for defeating Vol'ourn

The first solution is going to require a lot of deaths as you have no choice but to learn through trial and error and power through all the cheap shots Bungie throws at you.

Cheesing, on the other hand, is a sure bet but not satisfying. 

First, as the start begins, you will need to turn left behind the building instead of going to the waypoint the mission gave you. If you go to the waypoint, you will get squished by a pod immediately.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Turn left here Destiny 2 - Turn left here

Clear any adds that spawn from the pods and then bring Vol'ourn down to about 80 per cent health. He will call pods in again so make sure you are still in the same spot behind the building at that point. If Vol'ourn roams out of your line of sight, use a long-range weapon to whittle him down to the phase shift point and rush back to the safe spot again.

Kill the adds once more but keep in mind that you don't need to get rid of the annoying Phalanx enemies that had their health buffed as well. You can ignore them for the time being, just kill the squishy ones.

Once they are dealt with, go back the way you came and start draining the boss' health further. 

Bungie Destiny 2 - Going back the way you came Destiny 2 - Going back the way you came

If you are using AoE abilities and weapons, the Estemed Phalanxes will eventually die out as a side effect. Alternatively, use long-range weapons to pick them off as they can't shoot you once you reach the spot on the image below.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Safe spot in the fight, stay here and pick enemies off from distance Destiny 2 - Safe spot in the fight, stay here and pick enemies off from distance

This is where the cheese begins. The boss and all the chunky enemies are too dumb to flush you out of here and drop pods will now land on your head. At this point, long-range precision weapons are a great friend to have.

When you get the boss down to 60 per cent health, he will call in pods behind the building you used as cover at the beginning of the fight. Kill the War Beasts that come out of the pod and keep damaging the boss afterwards.

At 50 per cent health, Vol'ourn will move to the spot where you initially attacked him from and summon two Esteemed Incendiors.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Vol'ourn and Incendiors will remain in that corner for the rest of the fight Destiny 2 - Vol'ourn and Incendiors will remain in that corner for the rest of the fight

You should move to the spot he initially spawned in, pictured above, and fight him from there to avoid further pod drops on top of you - they will only drop behind the building from now on.

If you have a Rocket or Grenade Launcher in your Heavy weapon slot, use it to kill all three of them from a distance. Alternatively, sniper rifles and linear fusion rifles work well if you just want to kill the boss.

The fight is terribly easy and tedious from that point onwards - you are in one spot, the boss in the other and you just slowly whittle his health bart down. War Beasts will periodically spawn in a pod far away and flank you from the left but they are easy to deal with.

Rinse, repeat and claim your victory.


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