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Guild Wars 2: What Lies Beneath heralds foundational changes for the game

Published: 14:12, 02 March 2023
Guild Wars 2 - What Lies Beneath
Guild Wars 2 - What Lies Beneath

Guild Wars 2 is making striders forward with significant changes, some of which reflected in the content delivery approach, others on the way established gameplay systems work.

Guild Wars 2 has launched What Lies Beneath content update recently, marking a step away from the Living World concept , which has been present with the game since the earliest days.

ArenaNet decided to give it up in order to properly focus on future updates instead of having to develop Living Story episodes and expansions at the same time, apparently taking the "don't half-ass two things" saying to heart.

As such, What Lies Beneath is the first content drop since the end of Living Story.

The other major thing that changed with this update is the approach to the map meta. The game will not time gate the event as it is triggered by the amount of players on the map, not a timer.

This lets guilds or even large pickup groups farm the event to their hearts' content. On the flip side, the keys needed for the reward chests might serve as the damper here since they are pricy to get, compared to the potential rewards they will provide access to.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - What Lies Beneath Guild Wars 2 - What Lies Beneath

In any case, Guild Wars 2 is already moving forward with major changes, which fills me with a bit of hype for the next expansion even if it's a year or more away from release at this point.


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