New World: How to increase Expertise as a solo player

Published: 09:19, 11 August 2022
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New World - Mourningdale
New World - Mourningdale

New World utilises a few infamous systems for the endgame and if you found yourself confused upong dinging level 60, here is a rundown on what to do next.

People maxing out their level in New World might get confused as the game doesn't really explain what they should do next in order to max out their gear. Sure, there is the Gear Score number on your items and those found at the Trading Post, going up to 600 but that's barely the start of it.

You will notice higher GS items have their number struck through, with the effective Gear Score shown next to it. This is because AGS wanted to force the level 60 grind and doesn't allow you to buy TP items and be done with it - you need to move your Expertise up in order to properly get to 600.

Expertise is most commonly increased through Outpost Rush, Elite chest runs, expeditions and Gypsum Casts. Depending on whether you prefer playing solo or have a group ready, there are different ways to optimise your Expertise growth.

Solo player Expertise farming

Unfortunately, Amazon Game Studios are big on tactics from mobile games. Pretty much everything is time-gated. Therefore, if you want to increase Expertise, you will need to go through menial tasks daily while also investing time in structured content.

For solo players, the low-hanging fruit are a few of Gypsum Casts and Elite chest runs.

Gypsum casts

In order to get a Gypsum Cast, you will need to craft it in a Kiln that can be found in towns found in level 55+ areas. They only require one material, Gypsum Orb.

In the case of Gypsum, a solo player can easily harvest the necessary Orbs in three different ways:

  • Topaz Gypsum - Killing level 55+ enemies while using Topaz potion
  • Obsidian Gypsum - Killing level 55+ named enemies
  • Diamond Gypsum - Harvesting material nodes or event nodes

AGS New World - You can craft Topaz Gypsum Attunement Potion at any Arcane Repository, no matter the tier New World - You can craft Topaz Gypsum Attunement Potion at any Arcane Repository, no matter the tier

For Topaz Gypsum, you first need to craft Topaz Gypsum Attunement Potion and use it. The potion lasts for two hours and gives you a chance to get Topaz Gypsum from any high-level mobs you kill.

Named enemies have a higher chance to drop Topaz Gypsum so it's highly recommended to farm it alongside Obsidian. One of the best ways to do this is to farm Ivan the Inevitable in north-eastern Ebonscale Reach, close to the border with Great Cleave. Others will likely be farming him so it's an easy kill on respawn but he's not hard to solo either.

You can obtain five Topaz and three Obsidian Gypsum per day, enough to craft one Orb out of each.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Skysong Crypt location. Ivan the Inevitable is inside the church there New World - Skysong Crypt location. Ivan the Inevitable is inside the church there

Diamond Gypsum is obtained from any resource node, be it a mining vein, herb harvesting or wood logging. You will get three Secret Stashes per day out of these nodes, meaning three Gypsum out of them, which can be converted to one Gypsum Cast. During events, Secret Stash equivalents are obtained from event-related nodes, usually found in major towns.

Additional easy-to-obtain Gypsum

You can purchase two Gypsum Orbs per day from the Faction Vendor. They will set you back 7,500 faction tokens each. It is easy to get the currency back by simply doing three faction quests in a high-level area each day. You will get increased rewards from the first three quests, meaning you get a good chunk of money and close to 15,000 tokens needed for the Orbs.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Fighting Ivan the Inevitable New World - Fighting Ivan the Inevitable

Elite chest runs

Elite chest runs refer to large groups of people rushing through Elite zones and just opening chests. It may sound terrifying at first but simply following the mob of players and seeing the route to each chest is pretty easy.

All the chests opened along the way have a chance to increase your Expertise but each chest has a one-day cooldown. Therefore, find the time of day that works for you and keep an eye out for runs in the global chat.

While this is a group activity, nothing is stopping solo players from joining, you will just need to learn certain terms in order to know where the train starts. 

"Myrk" means Myrkgard, found in Shattered Mountain, which is also sometimes abbreviated as  "SM". The abbreviation can also refer to the mines in the area. In any case, the train starts next to the Mountainhome Outpost.

"Mal" or "Malev" is Malevolence, located in Edengrove.

"Pool" refers to Eternal Pool and "Siren" means Siren's Stand, both located in Reekwater.

Amazon Game Studios New World New World - Elite chest run in Shattered Mountain

"Imp" or "Palace" means Imperial Palace in Ebonscale Reach. The train can either start from the town or next to the bridge that leads into the palace. People usually ask for more players in their group so just follow the markers in the map to find your party and wait there until everyone rushes it.

Each server has a time the players have generally agreed to, so ask in Global Chat when the chest run is happening for yours. It is usually 7:00 PM server time.

Outpost Rush

You can queue up for this mode and as long as you have enough participation, you will get a Ruby Gypsum at the end. I wouldn't recommend this since it takes almost half an hour to complete an OPR match and you will need two Gypsum from it to craft an Orb. Time commitment alone is a big ask and you will be a punching bag for enemy players because they have a higher effective Gear Score than you.

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