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New World will enhance expertise bumps in Outpost Rush

Published: 07:19, 27 July 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World environment shot
New World environment shot

AGS are testing a rather interesting change in New World PTR, which is likely to ease the painfully slow Expertise grind.

Medleyfaire event and the Summer Update still don't have a release date in  New World but they are starting to sound better by the day. A new set of change has hit the PTR, allowing players to preview the future updates for the game and the latest highlight are the changes to Outpost Rush (OPR) loot.

This activity's rewards can already improve your Expertise but the bump is not guaranteed. Considering how long it takes to get the queue going and then finish the battle, the grind was still pretty slow.

However, the latest set of improvements to the mode's loot includes a note that the reward caches "are now significantly more likely to grant expertise bumps". Therefore, we won't have to rely on just those time-gated gypsum drops from the rewards across various activities or elite run chests.

Furthermore, OPR loot will have a higher chance to roll better rarity loot and weapons contained within will have perks more frequently. Overall, it will be a worth source of new loot, even at higher Expertise levels.

The downside is quite obvious though. Being a mode with PvP in it, you will be at a significant disadvantage until you get to 600 Expertise, making you a punching bag in the process.

Amazon Game Studios New World Still better than world PvP, which offers no rewards

If you do decide to grind the activity for Expertise bumps, you will be glad to know that it's not all doom and gloom since it doesn't require you to be an amazing carry for your team in order to be granted rewards.

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