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New World: AGS looking to deal with mega companies

Published: 11:41, 29 July 2022
Amazon Game Studios
A large group of players in New World
A large group of players in New World

New World player base has suffered from massive companies that Amazon Game Studios are finally looking to put an end to.

New World 's economy is highly dependent on player-to-player interaction, with most of the currency staying in rotation as far as trading is concerned. While most of the gold remains in the pockets of the player that has just sold something, there is a percentage that moves into the vault of the company that holds the city in which the Trading Post of choice was located.

With countless transactions happening at all times, territory holders passively increase their wealth and while trading is the most significant part of it, such mechanics apply to crafting and other services as well.

As such, the dominant company can easily accrue ungodly amounts of wealth and then proceed to outfit its members in the best gear in order to keep holding the territory and take lion's share of the total wealth on a server. 

Normally, opposing factions would have a fighting chance as they theoretically should hold other territories but mega companies have been circumventing the member cap by using alts and creating shell companies, which would then go into wars with the same roster as the main one.

In a recent interview with MassivelyOP , AGS noted that they are looking into ways to put an end to this one-sided scene.

"Yes we consider this an issue. We don’t believe a small group of players should be able to exert undue influence over the territory control game by using shell companies or other loopholes. We are testing a few different strategies to resolve this, things like requiring a certain number of members from a company to participate in a war, or a war cooldown that limits how many wars a player can play per server each day. Once we have a solution we feel works, we’ll test in PTR." ~ David Verfaillie

Amazon Game Studios New World Thankfully, New World offers more than one way to progress

Some of the ideas Verfaillie mentioned could work but it's easy to see workarounds immediately, which would allow companies to continue their hyper influence. After all, this is probably why AGS didn't settle on a course of action just yet but it is good to know they are looking into creative new ways to give everyone a chance to enjoy the game and progress it properly.

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