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New World gets a new expedition, group finder still missing

Published: 11:39, 10 August 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Barnacles and Black Powder expedition
New World - Barnacles and Black Powder expedition

New World's latest update has brought more content for the players to enjoy but it's still lacking the feature that pretty much everyone is excited for.

Amazon Game Studios updated New World with the expedition that was missing from the Medleyfaire update as the team needed more time to iron things out.

Now the players can group up and take on a bunch of undead pirates with a pretty big one as the final boss. Considering the dungeon holds some pretty awesome loot, it's safe to assume players will immediately get on creating builds and load-outs that are ideal for the circumstances.

While that part appeals to the hardcore players, the casuals are still in a bind. Group finder feature was also meant to be part of the Medleyfaire update and unlike the expedition, the feature didn't get a release date with the delay announcement.

Unfortunately, that remains true even after this patch and there is currently no info on when it might arrive. 

Another issue that plagues the more casual player base is the problem with raising the Expertise. Namely, the Expertise bumps from Gypsum Casts have not been fixed yet and they are still moving your progression by just a tiny amount, as it was before the big update.

On the other hand, AGS did introduce a deterrent to server hopping as server transfers now have a 72-hour cooldown that should reduce the frequency of abuse.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Barnacles and Black Powder New World - Barnacles and Black Powder

Additionally, Secret Stashes dropping under some circumstances has been fixed as they are supposed to be tied to the Medleyfaire nodes in towns for the duration of the event.

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