Marvel's Midnight Suns: Hulk challenge solution

Published: 20:14, 18 December 2022
Marvel's Midnight Suns - Hulk Smash
Marvel's Midnight Suns - Hulk Smash

Once Hunter finally gets Hulk on his side, the big green meanie can become even more powerful, if you complete his challenge.

One of the last few things to do in Marvel's Midnight Suns before the end of the campaign is to upgrade Hulk after finally recruiting him.

This is tricky in a way since he doesn't use the regular friendship system and Firaxis expedited the process of making his challenge available.

When you get to the challenge, it is not particularly hard but it can be quite the brain teaser since you need to figure out the correct sequence of abilities and the correct targets.

In any case, the step by step solution to Hulk's challenge is as follows:

  1. Use Smash on the enemy that holds the Rampage card
  2. Follow it up with Crush on the same enemy
  3. Finish it off with Gamma Kick into a wall
  4. Use the other copy of Gamma Kick on the lone enemy on one side of the arena
  5. Use Rampage to taunt the three enemies on the other side of the arena
  6. Pop Let's Do This to force them to attack Hulk
  7. Use Smash on any of the enemies
  8. Finally, use Worldbreaker to kill every enemy at once

Alternatively, you can check the video out if any of the steps are not clear.

Getting Worldbreaker is highly recommended because the final campaign mission can be made much easier if the big green guy just keeps wiping the floor with Lilin.

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