Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores - How to find Pangea Figurine in underground parking lot

Published: 11:56, 23 April 2023
HFW: Burning Shores - Pangea Figurine in parking lot
HFW: Burning Shores - Pangea Figurine in parking lot

Pangea Figurine in underground parking lot will not be that hard to find, only hard to obtain since it will be guarded by a lot of Stalkers. If you are having trouble in obtaining this artifact, follow our guide.

There are five Pangea figurines in total to collect in Horizon Forbidden West : Burning Shores, and each will be somehow hidden and will pose a little challenge to find.

If you want to finish all the main and side quests in Burning Shores and earn the trophy "All Quests Completed," then finding all of the Pangea figurines will be mandatory.

One that will somehow be easier to find than the others will be the one inside an underground parking lot. However, to obtain it, you will have to pass several Stalkers, which are one of the most dangerous machines in the entire game. Once again, if you don't know where to find the parking lot Pangea figurine, here is our guide to it.

How to obtain Pangea Figurine in underground parking lot

Once you discover the location of the figurine, simply enter the ruins through a broken window. You will notice that the figurine case lies on the table, but without the figurine. Use your focus device to scan the table and read the document. The document will show you that the figurine was tracked down to the parking lot southeast of your location.

Exit the ruins and head southeast. Soon you will reach the ruins, which once were an underground parking lot and are now the Stalkers hotspot. Use your focus to detect them and fight them off. Once you clear one floor, find the stairs to go down and clear the next one.

On the second subfloor, there will be a parking ticket boot with an entrance blocked by some debris. Clear the debris if you wish, but be aware that the stalker is waiting for you inside. Once you dispose of it, pick up some loot and brimshine rocks located inside. 

AltChar HFW: Burning Shores - Pry open this trunk to find figurine HFW: Burning Shores - Pry open this trunk to find figurine

Now, head right from the parking ticket boot entrance and drop down the large hole you will come across. The figurine is located inside the car trunk. Pry open the trunk and pick up the figurine. Once you pick it up, the new wave of stalkers will start looking for you. Fight them if you want, but you can also fast travel to any campfire, assuming you have a fast travel pack.


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