Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores - Cauldron: THETA walkthrough

Published: 16:41, 24 April 2023
HFW: Burning Shores - Cauldron: THETA
HFW: Burning Shores - Cauldron: THETA

The only cauldron in Horizon: Forbidden West's latest DLC, Burning Shores, will be Cauldron: THETA. In this guide, we will show you some tips as well as a complete video walkthrough on how to easily solve it.

The main enemies that our protagonist Aloy encounters in Horizon: Forbidden West and its predecessor, Zero Dawn , are machines that artificial intelligence continually breeds in order to keep the balance in Horizon's post-apocalyptic world. The latest DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West, Burning Shores, is not an exception.

All those machines are produced in special places scattered throughout the world called cauldrons. Those cauldrons serve as some sort of game dungeons, and solving each of them will reward the player with XP points, metal shards (in-game currency), and most importantly, with different overrides for different machines.

There are four cauldrons in total in the base game, covering the overrides for all the machines available. Burning Shores introduces two new machine types and one new cauldron, which will unlock two final overrides once you finish it. Since those cauldrons are full of puzzles and machines to fight, we prepared several hints as well as a complete video walkthrough on how to easily finish cauldron: THETA, the only cauldron available in Burning Shores.

Cauldron: THETA hints and tips

Be aware of lava

Cauldron: THETA is full of lava, so only one missed jump can cause you to repeat the entire cauldron section, depending on where the game autosaves the checkpoint. However, if you miss a jump and start falling towards lava, use your glider to try to navigate to the solid ground and escape from burning death.

Lower the difficulty

To avoid being frustrated, especially in the cauldron's final fight, simply lower the difficulty because a very tough and very annoying machine is waiting for you at the end of the cauldron, so lowering difficulty to normal or even easy might be sound advice.

AltChar HFW: Burning Shores - The boss battle takes place in a huge cauldron arena HFW: Burning Shores - The boss battle takes place in a huge cauldron arena

Farm the trophy "Killed Bileguts and Stingspawn"

Since you will encounter a lot of stingspawn machines in Cauldron: THETA, this might be a perfect place to farm the 50 kills needed for unlocking the "Killed Bileguts and Stingspawn" trophy. To unlock the trophy, you will also need to kill five bileguts. One will wait for you at the cauldron's end, and the other four can be found near relic ruins in the Burning Shores area.

Ignore stingspawns during the boss fight

Once engaged in the final fight, Bilegut will occasionally spawn the eggs from which stingspawns will emerge. Move around the battlefield, avoiding jump attacks from the big guy. This will put a distance between Aloy and annoying stingspawns. Once the boss is killed, the stingspawns will be destroyed too, so dealing with them will only cost you precious time and resources.


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