Dead Island 2: finding Pablo - Lost and found quest

Published: 17:20, 20 April 2023
Dead Island 2: Finding Pablo
Dead Island 2: Finding Pablo

The Lost and Found side quest "Finding Pablo" in Dead Island 2 might give you some headaches if you don't know where to go or which store to visit to find this young man. If you are stuck on this mission, this guide will help you.

Dead Island 2 has a rather old-fashioned design when it comes to main and side quests, meaning you select a quest from the quest menu and follow the objective markers, simple as that.

However, some side quests, especially the ones for finding the missing persons and weapons, will make you work a little harder to solve them.

One such quest is the Lost and Found quest "Finding Pablo," which takes place in Venice Beach. If Pablo is hidden too well and you are having trouble finding him, here is our step-by-step walkthrough.

How to find Pablo

Fast travel to Venice Beach, the Blue Crab fast travel point, and hop the fence on the right after exiting the Blue Crab restaurant. Keep heading right until you reach the corner of the building on your right. There you will find the Roses Tattoo parlor. This is the place where Pablo went for a needle. Enter the shop by lifting the shutters. The clue you are looking for will be next to the microwave oven, below the neon sign "Los Angeles Tattoo" and some Japanese art wallpaper.

Exit the store and head down the street southeast of the tattoo shop until you reach an outdoor gym on your right. Muscle Beach Nutrition will be across the street, directly on your left. Keep in mind, however, that there will be a lot of zombies in the area and a crusher among them, so prepare for a tough fight.

AltChart Dead Island 2: The second hint is inside Muscle Beach Nutrition Dead Island 2: The second hint is inside Muscle Beach Nutrition

Now for the tricky part: To enter the shop, you will have to work a bit harder. While standing in front of the shop, turn left and walk past the truck with an open hood, then turn right, passing the Star Haul track. Notice the "Venice Auto" sign at the end of the street; this is where you will have to go, but not just yet. 

First, turn right again and climb some wooden crates stuck near the blue wall on your right. Climb on the rooftop and drop down to the fenced area with a couple of zombies inside. Deal with them and open the door on your left, close to the missing breaker socket. The missing breaker will be inside the Venice Autos you saw earlier, and you will have to obtain it in order to enter the Muscle Beach Nutrition shop.

Make your way to the Venice Autos building, enter it, and get rid of zombies inside. The breaker will be in the office on the left side of the garage. Take the breaker and bring it all the way back to the socket through the fenced door you opened earlier. Once you install the socket, you will power up the garage door located at the back of Muscle Beach Nutrition. Climb the same rooftop you climbed to enter this area for the first time and drop down. Use the switch between the two doors to open them and finally enter the Muscle Beach Nutrition Shop. Once you are inside, look for the note on the left side of the room, lying on the table in front of the shutters.

Dead Island 2: Dead Island 2: Muscle Beach Nutrition is here

Now for the final piece of the puzzle: The note you just recovered indicates that the final note is inside "Green Place." To find the final note, head all the way northwest until you reach a medical marijuana shop called Gang Green. However, obtaining the key to access the back door of Gang Green can be a bit trickier. You will have to hang around the place for a while and wait for the putrefied slobber zombie to spawn. He is the one keeping the key. The best strategy is to hit the nearby police van to set off the alarm that will attract the zombies.

Once you obtain the key, go to the back of the shop to unlock the door and access it.


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