Dead Island 2: The End of the Line pressure tanks puzzle solution

Published: 23:48, 19 April 2023
Dead Island 2: The pressure tanks puzzle solution
Dead Island 2: The pressure tanks puzzle solution

In Dead Island 2, there aren't many puzzles that will especially frustrate you. You might be bothered, however, by the pressure tank puzzle in the The End of the Line mission. If you don't know how to solve it, we've put together a guide to help you.

When it comes to solving puzzles and finding stuff throughout the game, Dead Island 2 , the latest zombie shooter from Deep Silver , is quite straightforward, but from time to time, some puzzles will require you to work a little harder to solve them.

Throughout the game, you will come across a number of pressure puzzles where you must give different values to the various pipes in order to control the pressure and clear the way forward. All of those puzzles are really easy to solve and very basic. Nevertheless, during the mission "The End of the Line," one of these puzzles will be a little more challenging.

If you are having trouble solving this puzzle, we've prepared a guide for you with a complete walkthrough.

Pressure tanks puzzle solution

As soon as you get separated from Emma, the door on the left will open, and you will have to deal with one regular zombie. After disposing of it, go through that door and notice the corridor full of burning pipes and yet another pressure puzzle to solve for you.

Head left, and before entering the room with the valves and pipe levers, notice the opening on the fence to your left. Crouch, go through an opening, and break two breakable crates holding the door closed. Now, pick up the valve from the floor, install it on the pipe on your right, and turn the valve to stop the leak in the pipes.

Turn both valves on to reduce pressure to zero, and then jump over the flames in front of you. You can pick up some scrap lying there if you want. Turn the lever on the pipe above the flames and jump back to where you just came from. The first pressure tank is solved; now, onto the next.

AltChar Dead Island 2: Jump over the fire to reach the lever with the value of 10 Dead Island 2: Jump over the fire to reach the lever with the value of 10

Turn the valve on your left that has a value of 20 on it. This will solve the second pressure tank and bring some angry zombies your way. All the zombies will be on fire, so avoid using weapons with fire perks; they will be immune to them. Fight off the zombies and get back for the last tank.

The last tank is simple: just turn off the valve 20 and turn on the valve 50, and there you have it. The pressure problem is solved. You are good to go and continue your zombie-slaying adventure.


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