Hogwarts Legacy: How to get rid of spiders - Arachnophobia Mode installation guide

Published: 11:57, 09 February 2023
Updated: 12:45, 09 February 2023
Hogwarty Legacy Arachnophobia mode
Hogwarty Legacy Arachnophobia mode

Hogwarts Legacy does many things right but one thing it doesn't account for is arachnophobia. It can be quickly remedied with a mod though.

Arachnophobia is not really some obscure condition in this day and age and people suffering from it are likely having a rough time in Hogwarts Legacy , a game they would usually enjoy every moment of.

Thankfully, WB and Avalanche made it very mod-friendly, which is why there is already a mod that will deal with the issue and it's easy to install, no mod tools required.

Keep in mind that this mod will not remove spiders. They will function the same but they will look like harmless boxes instead.

How to install Arachnophobia Mode in Hogwarts Legacy

First, you will need to head on over to Nexus Mods and if you are registered, you can already go to the mod page and download Arachnophobia by NorskPL .

If you are not registered, simply create an account and then follow the same link above to download the file.

Next, you will need 7zip to unpack the file. If you don't have it, download the unpacking software for Windows, Linux or MacOS, depending on which one you are using.

Once 7zip is installed, find the Arachnophobia Mode mod you downloaded from Nexus in your Downloads folder or wherever you placed it. The name will normally be Remove Spiders with a bunch of numbers behind it that designate the version.

NorskPL Hogwarts Legacy - See that box? It used to be a spider Hogwarts Legacy - See that box? It used to be a spider

Right-click the zipped folder, hover over the 7zip option to pop a new menu and choose Extract to "Remove Spiders". Access the new folder and you will find another folder named Phoenix. Copy or cut it (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X).

Now you need to navigate to the installation folder of Hogwarts Legacy. Open your Steam Library, right-click Hogwarts Legacy in the menu to the left and click Preferences.

In the new menu that popped up, choose Local Files, at which point you will get an option in the upper right corner of the window, called "Browse...". Click it.

Steam has now opened the installation folder for you so just paste the Phoenix folder in it and you are good to go.

How to uninstall Remove Spiders from Hogwarts Legacy

Should you ever wish to remove the mod for any reason, start from the last step of installing it - go to the game's installation folder.

At that point, go into the Phoenix folder, then to Content, followed by Paks and finally ~mods.

Once you've opened "~mods" folder, delete the following files:

  • z_removespiders_P.pak 
  • z_removespiders_P.ucas
  • z_removespiders_P.utoc

At this point the game should behave like the mod was never installed.


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