God of War: Ragnarök - Where to find Tyr in every realm

Published: 14:34, 05 January 2023
The real Tyr can travel all across the realms in God of War: Ragnarök
The real Tyr can travel all across the realms in God of War: Ragnarök

Among other stuff you can do after beating the game's main story, finding Tyr in all realms might be very interesting, given the significance of the Norse god of war in God of War: Ragnarök

Spoiler alert! We're about to enter spoiler territory for God of War: Ragnarök. We'll go over certain story-related events, so if you didn't complete the game, you may want to skip this guide for now.

Tyr, the Norse god of war, plays an essential role in both of the last God of War games. You don't get to meet him in God of War 2018, but his actions may be found throughout the game. Tyr is there in flesh and blood in God of War: Ragnarök, but many will notice, Kratos and Atreus among them, that he does not live up to his immense reputation and is only a shadow of the Great Tyr we've heard so much about. It's simply because Tyr is actually Odin disguised as Tyr. We find out about it near the end of the game.

But one question remains: where is the real Tyr? Of course, if you are into God of War games like I am, you will eventually find him. After the main story's events, you will be prompted to kill the remaining einherjar, Odin's soldiers scattered all across the realms after the destruction of Asgard. After one of those fights with them in Alfheim, you will find a document mentioning something about the prison in Niflheim. Inside that prison, you will find the real Tyr.

Many people are aware of this, but did you know that when you release Tyr from prison, he will travel to all nine realms? Well, not the nine realms, to be precise, but seven, because Asgard has already been destroyed at that time in the game, and Jötunheim seems to be closed for Tyr for some unknown reason. In this article, we will guide you to all the places, as well as all of the optional conversations you may have with Tyr after you encounter him in all of those locations. So let's get started.


AltChar Tyr in the prison in Niflheim Tyr in the prison in Niflheim

Niflheim is the first place you may face the real Tyr, as it served as his prison the entire time. Following his release, you will engage in conversation with him, and he will say that he must reflect on what he has just learned about everything you have done during Ragnarök. In Niflheim, the jail is located to the left of the raven tree. This place will obviously be accessible only once you have completed the main story.


AltChar In Alfheim, Tyr will talk about Freyr In Alfheim, Tyr will talk about Freyr

After engaging with Tyr for the first time, you can use the World Tree to travel to Alfheim; the mystic gateway in The Strond is the place you want to go to. From the mystic gateway, make your way to the Temple of Light, where you will confront Tyr for the second time. This time he will talk about Freyr, Freya's deceased brother, and his desire to pay respect to him in his own way.


AltChar Tyr speaks with Hraesvelgr in his own way Tyr speaks with Hraesvelgr in his own way

Hel's Perch in Helheim is the next location where you may find and talk to Tyr, or simply observe him this time. After travelling to this realm through the single mystic gateway accessible, go to the left of the gateway until you reach Hraesvelgr, a huge bird in charge of guarding Hel. Keep in mind that if you do not visit Hraesvelgr after closing all of Hel's realm tears, Tyr will not appear. You'll have to return to Hel's Perch again to find him "talking" with Hraesvelgr.


AltChar Tyr gazing into his temple in Midgard Tyr gazing into his temple in Midgard

Near the Lake of Nine mystic gateway, just northeast of it, you will find a little staircase, and on the top of it, you may find Tyr overlooking his temple. The conversation with him is brief this time, for he simply wants to be left alone, and that is all he will say.


AltChar The spark of The Worlds is the next place to find Tyr The spark of The Worlds is the next place to find Tyr

This primordial realm is the next place to find Tyr and have some interesting conversations with him. In order to find him here, you must travel to the place called the Spark of the World, the place where you fought two of Odin's valkyries, Hrist and Mist, and the same place where Ginnungagap, the creation of the worlds according to Norse mythology, took place. Here, Tyr will talk about Surtr and Sinmara and her grief over her lost husband.


AltChar Tyr and Lyngbakr, two Odin's former prisoners Tyr and Lyngbakr, two Odin's former prisoners

The realm of the dwarfs is another location where you may find Tyr. Travel to the Watchtower in the Bay of Bounty to find Tyr sitting there and watching the creature called Lyngbakr, the whale-like creature Mimir imprisoned for Odin in the years when he served him. Tyr may only be found at this location if you first complete the side quest "The Weight of Chains," which allows you to free Lyngbakr from his captivity. Tyr will speak with Mimir and draw some interesting parallels between their and Lyngbakr's imprisonments.


AltChar Tyr doing yoga in Vanaheim Tyr doing yoga in Vanaheim

The last place you can find Tyr after completing the main story is Vanaheim, the homeland of the goddess Freya. To find Tyr in Vanaheim, you need to travel to Frey's camp. Apart from contact with Tyr, there is some more fascinating stuff in Freyr's camp after you beat the game. You may find and speak with Lady Sif, Thor's wife, and Birgir, the retired berserker looking for a quiet location to write a book. You might be able to give him that after conversing with him. Tyr will be performing some yoga in Vanaheim, and once you approach him, he will speak with Freya, complementing her role in the war against Asgard.

And that's it. These are all the places you may find Tyr after completing the game. We kind of hoped that, after visiting all the realms, Tyr will join Kratos and his friends in Sindri's house in the Realm between Realms, but that didn't happen. 

God of War: Ragnarök does not reward you for finding Tyr throughout the realms, but the fact that there are some non-mandatory contents in the game increases the gaming experience and enriches the already rather extensive game world.


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