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Sony had the highest-rated games in 2023 according to Metacritic

Published: 16:35, 23 March 2023
Sony is the best-rated publisher in 2022
Sony is the best-rated publisher in 2022

Every year, the renowned website Metacritic releases a list of publishers with the highest-rated games. This year's winner is Sony.

Metacritic is a website that aggregates video game reviews from various websites and provides an average score for each game. Each year, Metacritic also makes a list of the publishers with the highest-rated games and determines which publisher was the most successful in terms of review ratings.

Only games released in the previous year are eligible for consideration, and the ranking of games follows some special rules. Games with more than 75 points get an extra point; games with less than 49 points get points deducted; and games with more than 90 points get bonus points.

The best publisher in 2021 was Microsoft , while for the last year that title went to Sony , and believe it or not, for the first time in the 13 years that Metacritic has been compiling this list.

Sony being the best-rated publisher for 2022 is not surprising at all given the number and quality of the titles they released last year. Horizon: Forbidden West , Gran Turismo 7 , and God of War: Ragnarök were all competitors for the GOTY title in 2022. Last year, Sony also released two major remakes: The Last of Us Part I and Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves , as well as a PC port of God of War. All of this contributed significantly to Sony's high Metacritic average rating.

PlayStation Sony is the best rated publisher on Metacritic for the first time Sony is the best-rated publisher on Metacritic for the first time

Here is the list of Metacritic's ten best-rated publishers in 2022, with the average review score:

  1. Sony Interactive Entertainment - 85,6
  2. Paradox Interactive - 81,8
  3. Activision Blizzard - 76,6
  4. Focus Entertainment - 80,0
  5. Take-Two Interactive - 78,9
  6. Capcom - 78,6
  7. Sega - 79,3
  8. Annapurna Interactive - 79,2
  9. Humble Games - 76,8
  10. Devolver Digital - 78,3   


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