Dead Island 2: How to defeat Noah

Published: 23:32, 19 April 2023
Dead Island 2: Tips on beating Noah
Dead Island 2: Tips on beating Noah

Dr. Reed's failing experiment Noah is one of the zombies that is substantially more challenging to defeat. This guide will show you how to beat him without too much trouble.

Dead Island 2 , Deep Silver 's latest zombie shooter, puts the player in the shoes of a very special character who developed immunity to the virus that turned the entire state of California into a zombie country.

Throughout the game, you will encounter all sorts of undead beasties and fight them using your bear hands, all sorts of improvised weaponry, and real firearms.

One particular zombie called Noah will be very hard to kill and will require a special strategy to put him down. So, if this fella is making your life as a zombie slayer too difficult, here is a guide on how to easily defeat him.

How to easily defeat Noah

As soon as you enter Dr. Reed's underground lab, you will notice a not yet turned Noah lying on the table after the experiment with his blood gone totally wrong. After you reactivate the blood sampler, a cutscene will occur showing Noah's transformation into a vicious zombie-looking creature.

To clarify something at the very start: do not try to fight Noah with a melee weapon; although he is not immune to melee, it will be almost impossible to get close to him without being hit and immediately stunned, which will result in almost certain death.

The best way to beat him is to keep your distance and take advantage of cover. If you distance yourself from him enough, he will shoot some sort of spikes at you; just take cover behind something to avoid being hit. When he stops attacking you, start walking backwards and make him follow you into several traps you can set off by shooting the barrels and fuel canisters. Do not set all the traps at the same time; let him get close to the barrels, then use your guns to set them on fire one at a time.

AltChar Dead Island 2: Noah is not immune to melee attacks, but he will not give you a chance to hit him, so keep your distance Dead Island 2: Noah is not immune to melee attacks, but he will not give you a chance to hit him, so keep your distance

Twice during this boss fight, several lab zombies will appear. Dispose of them while keeping your distance from Noah. When you eventually run out of barrels and canisters, it is time for a different strategy.

Make sure to equip the sticky bomb and Molotov cocktail in your throwable slots. Walk backwards and wait for him to attack you with the spikes. When he finishes his attacking sequence, emerge from behind a cover and throw one of the throwables at him, then run away. Wait for his attacking sequence to end while hiding behind cover, then do the same with another throwable. Let him follow you around the room while keeping your distance and hiding behind cover when he attacks until the throwables cool off. 

Repeat this tactic for as long as needed. If you are patient enough and follow this strategy to the letter, you won't even use a single healing pack or fire any unnecessary bullets, apart from the ones needed for setting the barrels on fire.


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