Can you play GTFO solo?

Published: 11:50, 17 June 2022
Are solo runs worth it?
Are solo runs worth it?

If you're looking for a literal answer, then yes. GTFO is playable solo. Is it a doable and enjoyable experience though?

GTFO is a difficult game out of the box and was primarily made with online CO-OP in mind. But not all players have the luxury of having a couple of friends share their interests. So the alternative is to find players online or to play solo. You can look for teammates to play on the official GTFO Discord

However, if there is a language barrier, or for some reason you can't play with other people, or just enjoy playing solo, that is possible indeed, as bots take over the remaining squad members. But how good are they, and can playing solo be an enjoyable experience?

GTFO doesn't scale towards party size so you'd be doing 4 times the amount of work which translates to a much higher difficulty which is not everyone's cup of tea.

Bot behavior has been improved significantly with the Rundown 7.0 patch. Bot teammates will no longer sneak during enemy waves, and move faster altogether if the cover has been blown. Their ability to evade projectiles has been improved as well, along with glitchy melee attacks. 

But their contribution lacks in certain ways, and the already hard game gets even more difficult with the lack of human players. That is most noticeable as you progress through expeditions, as the bots' shortcomings become more on tougher levels.

The complexity of the higher levels requires players to coordinate multiple actions at the same time which is impossible to do with three bots. By playing solo you will have to learn to accept these flaws and adapt the game approach to them.

Learn to synchronize sleepers Learn to synchronize sleepers

Tips and hints to make the most out of solo play

Bots are good with semi-automatic and automatic weapons, so give them ARs, and SMGs rather than giving them snipers. They will follow you into the room, attack enemies stealthy if you're approaching quietly, or shoot at them if all hell breaks loose. They can also be useful with bio-trackers / motion scanners.

Bots will automatically collect and use resources if you step away from the boxes, so try giving them items you don't need to carry to leave necessary items for yourself. You can give bots commands by holding Q. They can be ordered to pick up an objective item, place equipped tool or consumable, or follow a player or other bot.

As for your game approach, here are a couple of tips when playing solo:

  • Take time to study the approach to each room, as playing solo will inevitably lead to more repetition
  • When opening security doors, always be in motion, never still. 
  • Prepare in advance your movement run when opening security doors
  • SMG is your friend because it has the shortest reload time allowing you to run the most
  • Use mines to kill multiple enemies by placing them on sides of closed doors
  • Learn to sync sleepers by using a flashlight so you can take out multiple sleepers without alerting the whole room.
  • Unlock all the doors before starting an alarm so you have more space to maneuver.
  • Always heal to full before the alarm if you have a health pack available

GTFO is free this weekend, so give it a try if you hadn't already.

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