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GTFO Rundown 7.0 has been released

Published: 19:29, 16 June 2022
10 Chambers
New dangers have been added
New dangers have been added

Check out new features and changes in the new rundown as detailed patch notes are out.

The seventh GTFO rundown brings players a new set of expeditions inside the new areas in The Complex. The new rundown also comes with many features, weapon changes, and fixes in gameplay, graphics, and sound.

Ten new expeditions have been added along with the new environment. As we wrote earlier, the new enemy teased in the free weekend video has been added to the game, although the developers suggest that he is a slightly changed earlier enemy rather than a brand new one.

New players are finally getting a tutorial mission to ease that steep learning curve and expedition evaluation.

Other major changes include:

  • improved Steam Desk support
  • improved Gamepad support
  • updated music system
  • added subtitles to narration and improved localization
  • improved shooter projectiles
  • improved Charger enemy visuals
  • update Bioscan visuals
  • improved Steam Desk support
  • improved Gamepad support
  • added 3rd person animation when interacting with the terminal
  • player limbs are now also impacted by friendly fire

10 Chambers Prepare for the new horrors Prepare for the new horrors

Big improvements have been made for player bots as they will now move faster when sneaking fails and won't sneak during enemy waves. Their ability to evade projectiles has been improved along with melee which should not get easily interrupted as before. 

Some work has been done in the graphics department as well, with the most notable changes being:

  • improved performance by reducing the CPU cooling workload
  • added three new advanced graphic settings: Fog quality, shadow quality, and Shadow updates per frame.
  • changed SSAO options to low/medium/high 
  • updated the light in the elevator drop cage 
  • updated shell casings to more realistic sizes

As for weapon changes, Machine Pistol, Sawed-off Shotgun, Burst Rifle, Scattergun, HEL Gun, and Auto sentry have been removed and in their place have been added the following weapons: PDW, High Calibre Pistol, Precision Rifle, HEL Shotgun, and Shotgun Sentry. 

Various bugs and glitches have been fixed as well. Full patch notes can be  read here.

Don't forget that GTFO is free to play starting today and up until Monday, so if you were waiting for a chance to try this game out, now is your time. Just head over to Steam and download the game.

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