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GTFO: Players want a no checkpoint option added to the game

Published: 20:47, 24 May 2022
10 chambers
Alien-like vibe
Alien-like vibe

As if GTFO wasn't hard enough, the majority of its players want to make it even more difficult by removing checkpoints.

In the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of talk among the GTFO community about updating the game to have optional checkpoints, in exchange for additional rewards.

To paint the picture of how difficult GTFO already is, if you google GTFO tutorials or hints, 80% of the tutorials will not be regarding specific items or ways to kill, but beginner guides on how to make it out alive.

But as players get used to the gameplay, they obviously get addicted to the difficulty, as the majority of the player seems to want checkpoints excluded from the game, or at least have an option to finish levels without checkpoints, for some incentive of course.

The incentive can be anything, from a completion badge to cosmetic rewards.

And as people love doing challenges (speed runs, solo runs, no booster, no checkpoint), a legitimate question was raised why not make it an official part of the game? It would certainly add replay value to the game.

10 Chambers GTFO enemies GTFO enemies

It could also behave like Prisoner Efficiency, a cosmetic badge earned by performing all 3 sectors (Main, Secondary, and Overload) in a single run, obtained on levels with overloaded objectives.

An alternative would be to add more stats to the rundown screen, to separate total clears from no checkpoint clears, even if no rewards are given based on efficiency. 

GTFO had for a test period player separated statistic but turned it off quite soon as it destroyed the team efforts as players would start to compete on the number of kills, jeopardizing the mission in the process.

Will the community effort produce something, is to be seen. There seems to be no downside to adding the no-checkpoint task optionally to make the already popular challenge runs official.

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