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Ubisoft reveal The Division 2's three different Dark Zones

picture showing three soliders
The Division 2

The Division 2's Dark Zone extraction, rogue and loot systems look like they received a major overhaul compared to their predecessor. Different parts of DC will have varying PvP zones, in both visuals and the general feel of locations.

When compared to the previous apocalyptic shooter-looter, the most notable change is certainly the number of Dark Zones which will be set in different parts of Washington D.C and each will have a different story and look.

Dark Zone East is the largest of the three PvP areas and is set in an overgrown governmental park where players will have to utilise long sightlines, a place where snipers could have their way.

On the other side of the map, Dark Zone South is the smallest of the lot emphasising close-quarters combat with large interiors and choke points. 

Dark Zone West is set in Georgetown and divided by a large canal. It features European style architecture and is designed with medium-range engagements in mind.

The newly introduced Occupied Dark Zones are no-rules events with no Rogue status, active friendly fire, a limited notification system and no power tiers. In a nutshell, it's a free for all PVP mode forgoing the usual Dark Zone restrictions.

Players will also have access to new Dark Zone perks which unlock every five DZ levels. These won't be power perks and will offer extra space for contaminated items, increased rewards for Rogue agents, or additional loot opportunities.

Ubisoftpicture showing a female soldier shooting at enemyCombat in The Division 2

Ubisoft also included some changes to the Extraction system.  Only higher rarity gear will require extraction while everything else will go straight into your inventory. This seems like a idea which could make extractions even more intense since everyone will know that there's something valuable in those yellow bags.

Additionally, weapon and gear will roll at the power level of the player who extracts the items. For example, if you steal the items from a player who's level 20, and you're level 30, the gear's stats will scale to your level.

Dark Zones will also have a Normalization feature which means all gear and weapon stats are brought within a narrow range, ensuring no one totally outclasses anyone else. 

Finally, Rouges won't be able to camp at Dark Zone checkpoints like in The Division. These checkpoints will now be guarded by lethal turret shooting every Rogue or AI that appears in the vicinity.