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Wreckreation from ex-Criterion devs is clearly reminiscent of Burnout series

Published: 19:30, 12 August 2022
Three Fields Entertainment
Wreckreation - Stages can get nutty here
Wreckreation - Stages can get nutty here

Three Fields Entertainment folks are coming up with just the injection of chaos Burnout fans have been craving for so long as Wreckreation sees debut trailer.

Burnout series hasn't had a new entry for 14 years now and the fans had to settle for the 2018 remaster of Burnout Paradise to scratch that itch. Soon, that will no longer be the case as Wreckreation has been announced on THQ Nordic showcase, showing off distinct vibes that made us fall in love with the vehicular madness all those years ago.

The reason for the resemblance likely lies with the developers, Three Fields Entertainment , who have former  Criterion devs among their ranks - the same studio that made Burnout.

Wreckreation isn't just looking to ride on the nostalgia wave and hope to reach success either. Yes, the game will lean on some of the classic ways to drive up the intensity, with mechanics like Drift, Air, Near Miss and Stun all contributing to one's score.

As you probably guessed by now, this is an arcade racer that doesn't pay much heed to realism or the laws of physics as the emphasis on spectacle takes the centre stage.

Wreckreation will feature an open world that will have numerous empty areas. While this doesn't sound like a selling point initially, the devs did find a way to make it one - these areas will be the hub of the player's creativity. This is where the player can create tracks that are limited by little else other than one's imagination.

THQ Nordic Wreckreation - You can also customise your vehicles and then, well, wreck them Wreckreation - You can also customise your vehicles and then, well, wreck them

There is currently no release date and the game has been confirmed for PC and PlayStation platforms.

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