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Space for Sale will have you dealing with real estate from out of this world

Published: 19:30, 12 August 2022
Mirage Game Studios
Space for Sale key art
Space for Sale key art

Real estate development is getting an otherworldly spin with Space for Sale but we mean it literally and not in the horror sense.

Space for Sale , which has just been announced by THQ Nordic and Mirage Game Studios , is literally a game about what the title says - you get an entire solar system and then sell pieces of it to various clients.

Just like a regular real estate developer, you will need to follow the wishes of your clients and should they become overbearing, you may invite a friend to go at it in a two-player co-op.

Various clients are asking for different specifications for their future plots so you, the cutesy astronaut, need to get there, collect the materials, explore the world, seek out new life and eventually build the real estate that you can sell.

Overall, Space for Sale can be classified as an exploration survival game with a sandbox approach where players are given a lot of freedom when it comes to decision-making and developing real estate.

As a new announcement, it currently has no release date but devs noted it's currently in pre-alpha so it technically should be too long before we take on spacefaring and moneymaking. Now it looks like Tim Curry has no place to hide as even space has capitalism in it.

Space for Sale is coming to PC, eventually. Keep an eye on the  Steam page .

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