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THQ announces Alone in the Dark remake, love letter to the original

Published: 19:30, 12 August 2022
THQ Nordic
Alone in the Dark - New Orleans
Alone in the Dark - New Orleans

Alone in the Dark series has had a prolonged hiatus but it is set to return in style, with some of the greatest minds in the industry working on a love letter to the 1992 classic.

Horror fans rejoice, it is time for another classic revival with Alone in the Dark remake. While it's technically a re-imagination of the original trilogy of games, THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive stated they are looking to do the original justice.

To achieve that, one of the steps was to get Mikael Hedberg working as the writer and director. For those unfamiliar with the name, he is the writer behind SOMA and Amnesia stories, some of the best and creepiest psychological horror the last few gaming generations have seen.

Furthermore, there is a lot of focus on the key elements that played a part in the original - puzzles, story, exploration and combat are all in the spotlight. 

THQ Nordic Alone in the Dark - Derceto Manor Alone in the Dark - Derceto Manor

Story and exploration will likely be of most interest to the fans of the original as the game is once again set in Louisiana, with southern gothic horror revisiting the infamous Derceto Manor.

The asylum for the rich has once again become a character of its own, not unlike the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil series. Ironically, it was Alone in the Dark that paved the way for survival horror in 3D back in the day and the remake now looks much like the RE remakes from recent years.

Alone in the Dark remake has been in development since 2019 but it currently has no release date . It is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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