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Wreck-It Ralph pops up in Fortnite, full cameo is coming soon

Published: 14:24, 22 November 2018
Fortnite's in-game teaser for Wreck-It Ralph's cameo appearance
Fortnite, Wreck-It Ralph is getting a cameo appearance

It turns out that Fortnite will not only be joining the snowy festive spirit with a winter of its own, it will also get a cameo appearance by Wreck-It Ralph, hero of Disney's freshly launched animated movie Ralph Breaks the Internet.

A few observant Fortnite players who liked hanging around Risky Reels have caught glimpses of Ralph's animated mug appearing on the drive-in screen, waving and disappearing stage left. His left, of course. Anyway, replicating the conditions for Ralph's appearance was a bit tricky but once again, data miners to the rescue.

While digging through Fortnite's files, the data miners found a file called "18_1023_RiR_Reels_2397_2CBR_TESTVERSION_v2.mp4" in the promotions folder. It's the same video that's been playing in Risky Reels of course, which all but confirms the upcoming appearance.

Granted, the file says it's merely a test version, so it may be a bit longer until Ralph makes his Fortnite cameo appearance but knowing Epic - it won't be long. Besides, this is not the first time Epic and Disney have collaborated to promote the latter's movies.

It will be interesting to see how Epic go about incorporating Ralph into Fortnite since he's not really a Thanos-type calibre of a baddie. We suspect that it will have more to do with his first movie, Wreck-It Ralph, although do note that this is all just speculation at the moment.

While we're on the subject of data mining though, FNBRLeaks have also dug up the final confirmation of snow coming to Fortnite, thanks to Epic's audio naming conventions. As you can see, walking on snow will come with its own audio, quite rightfully so. What? Don't tell me I'm the only person in the world that enjoys the sound of freshly stepped-on snow?

FNBRLeaks Data mined Fortnite files showing snow sound effects Fortnite, snow's coming alright

Whether all the snow has anything to do with the looming cloud on the horizon or Fortnite's tournament is still unclear, or more like unconfirmed, because it's most likely going to be both.

You can find Wreck-It Ralph, snow and a few other data mines on FNBRLeaks' Twitter feed .

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