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Fortnite's latest update brings some new islands and a Yacht

Published: 10:06, 20 February 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite - Shark Island screenshot
Fortnite - Shark Island

Fortnite Creative has a bunch of new stuff after the latest update. The Fortnite Team added some new hub islands, a new consumable and a fresh device that let you stack more than 5 cardboard boxes as well as a bunch of new galleries.

Fortnite's dev team has added a bunch of new stuff to Fortnite Creative via the latest update. The new stuff includes the aptly named Shark Island, the Yacht and Shark Galleries. 

New Hub Islands

Two new hub islands have been added to expand your options while creating and putting the finishing touches on your perfect Hub.

New Islands

Three new islands have been added to Fortnite Creative. The new islands include:

  • The Shark - A sandy island with a secret base and a peculiar look.
  • Flat Grid Hub - A flat grid island used to design featured hubs.
  • Floating Island Hub - A floating island used to design featured hubs.

Various Island Bug fixes have been deployed along with the new landmasses.

Team rotation support for 2-asymmetric-team games has also been added, and a bunch of gameplay bugs have also been squashed.

Weapons and items

Say hello to the Creepin’ Cardboard Consumable:

  • The consumable allows players to place up to 5 cardboard boxes, to hide in during gameplay.
  • Bonus: it recharges over time.

The Creepin’ Cardboard Device also hitched a ride on the latest update train:

  • The device allows players to place more than 5 cardboard boxes, to hide in different areas of maps.

Epic Games Fortnite - the Yacht promo image Fortnite - the Yacht

Prefabs and galleries

There's one new prefab in the game - the Yacht.

The 9 new galleries include:

  • The Yacht Gallery
  • The Yacht Prop Gallery
  • The Shark Wall Gallery
  • The Shark Floor & Stair Gallery
  • The Shark Rock Gallery Large
  • The Shark Rock Gallery
  • The Shark Prop Gallery
  • The Shark Cliff Gallery
  • Grass & Dirt Floor Gallery C

A bunch more additions and bug fixes have arrived with the latest Fortnite Creative update, and you can check out the list in full right here .

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