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Rumour: Ariana Grande to perform in Fortnite, The Cube is coming back

Published: 10:51, 19 July 2021
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Fortnite - Bunny Outfit
Fortnite - Bunny Outfit

Ariana Grande's live performance in Fortnite, a Naruto-themed Season 8 Battlepass on its way, Batman Who Laughs, the Suicide Squad, the Cube and more.

Reddit and data miners strike again! 

The latest Fortnite-related rumour places Ariana Grande on Fortnite's virtual stage, Justice League and Suicide Squad might be coming to the game and there are whispers about a Naruto Season 8 battlepass.

Fortnite - Ariana Grande performance

According to r/FortniteLeaks and data miner ShiinaBR, Ariana Grande's concert in Fortnite has already passed its "test launch" by Epic's staff. 

If this turns out to be true, Ariana would join the likes of Marshmello and the popular K-Pop band BTS who performed their "Dynamite" music video.

Justice League and the Suicide Squad in Fortnite

The leak stipulates that some of the characters are still being cleared by the legal staff, and didn't rule out Batman Who Laughs. This piece of information has some credibility based on Epic's penchant for adding characters from trending movies to the game.

With James Gunn's The Suicide Squad coming on July 28, this leak requires fewer grains of salt than usual.

Epic Games Harley Quinn in Fortnite Fortnite - Harley Quinn

Fortnite Season 8 - Naruto Battlepass

From Tron to Naruto. The Reddit post indicates that a Naruto-themed Battlepass is waiting in the wings along with an explosive kunai weapon.

Various Fortnite Season/Chapter rumours

The leakers have informed the Reddit crowd that the Cube from Season 5 will be making a comeback. The Cube will make its grand (re)reveal at the end of Season 7, all the while being controlled by an unknown Queen character we should meet in Chapter 3.

Fortnite's upcoming Chapter 3 will introduce the Queen and serve to fully redesign the game's map, thus revealing the location of The Seven. 

Season 8 will unleash monsters into the game by the way of a portal of sorts called "The Sideways" (think Stranger Things). 

The last entry will take the most time to confirm or debunk: the leakers are predicting that ridable monsters or mechs will be available on the Island, but they don't think this will happen this season.

Source: Reddit.

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