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Fortnite screening Inception, Batman Begins or The Prestige

Published: 15:33, 24 June 2020
Updated: 12:26, 25 June 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite Movie Nite repertoire
Fortnite Movie Nite

Epic Games are really serious about turning Fortnite into a multimedia vehicle, in addition to already being one of the most popular games on the globe.

"Grab the popcorn! This Friday, June 26 we're testing Movie Nite at Party Royale’s Big Screen. We’re offering limited screenings of one of three different Christopher Nolan classic full-length feature films -- either Inception, Batman Begins, or The Prestige - directly in Fortnite", Epic Games Wrote. 

The choice of movies will depend on the country you're at, as we are talking about all sorts of copyrights converging here. Unfortunately, some countries could not be reached, but Fortnite's developer is hoping to do this sort of thing more often, so the tests will come in handy. 

"We believe the idea of getting together with your friends and family at Party Royale to watch a movie is powerful and exciting, and we're looking at ways to increase global participation in the future", they wrote. 

Whichever Christopher Nolan movie it ends up in your region, it will support subtitles and you can set them up in the Audio Settings.

Fortnite Movie Nite follows the rule of every live theatre, meaning there's no recording or broadcasting. In other words, make sure you're there live, otherwise you're likely to run into trouble over DCMA regulations and stuff. 

We've done a quick check and the UK, Germany and Finland, for instance, will be watching The Prestige, while France will be in the sign of the caped crusader. 

Epic Games Epic Movie Nite map location Epic Movie Nite location

If you're wondering where Fortnite Movie Nite takes place, refer to the map above. For the exact times, you can refer to the drop-down list on Fortnite's official website , just look on the bottom of the page. 

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