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Legendary Oro Outfit is now live in Fortnite

Published: 13:43, 25 March 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite - Legendary Oro Outfit
Fortnite - Legendary Oro Outfit

Fortnite players can now sport the Legendary Oro Outfit. The outfit was leaked back when v11.40 update launched and the Oro Challenges were data-mined from v12.21 update's files. Complete two challenges for the Greed Wrap and four for the Gilded Scepter Pickaxe.

Fortnite players can now finally get their hands on the long-awaited Legendary rarity Oro Outfit. The fabled golden skeleton is now available via Fortnite's Item Shop. 

The new king's outfit features a golden Wrap and Pickaxe. Doesn't matter if you own the Oro Outfit or not - you can still complete Oro’s Challenges to unlock the new Greed Wrap and Gilded Scepter Pickaxe for free.

Oro's Challenges

Oro's Challenges are available now and they will stay that way until 1:00 p.m. GMT on 31 March 2020. 

Oro’s Challenges include the following objectives:

  • Assist teammates with 10 eliminations.
  • Play 10 games with a friend. 
  • Deal 1,000 damage to opponents.
  • Collect 40 medals.

Legendary Oro Outfit

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Fortnite - Greed Wrap and Gilded Scepter Pickaxe

Two Challenges need to be completed in order for you to get your hands on the Greed Wrap and four Challenges will get you the Gilded Scepter Pickaxe.

That, as they say, is not all as each of Oro's Challenges will also bring you 100,000 XP - not too shabby if you want to advance in this season's Battle Pass. Moreover, included with the Oro Outfit is his Radiant Mantle Back Bling. The new Skellon Glider is also located somewhere in the Item Shop.

The Oro Legendary Skin was first leaked when the v11.40 update rolled out. Oro Challenges were data-mined and leaked from the v12.21 update.

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