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Why Bleak Watcher aspect was disabled in Destiny 2

Published: 17:54, 06 May 2021
Destiny 2 - Warlock Stasis
Destiny 2 - Warlock Stasis

Another week, another broken thing in Destiny 2 and this time it has nothing to do with everyone's favourite gun, Telesto. It did result in a part of Warlock Stasis powers being disabled though.

Trials of Osiris is returning soon for the weekly run and while many thought it could be cancelled due to a Warlock bug, it will not be so. It was the Warlock bug that was cancelled instead.

Namely, players could abuse the Bleak Watcher in a specific series of inputs in order to give themselves an infinite Super which is obviously a major issue that could ruin Trials for countless players. 

Bungie reacted quickly to this bug and disabled Bleak Watcher at the start of the week so further PvP abuse shouldn't happen either. The PvE side of the player base didn't like this outcome due to the Nightfall bonus they were farming during the same period and the Bleak Watcher bug allowed them to melt bosses rather quickly.

Unless another game-breaking issue pops up, Trials should be safe this week and most players will be able to jump right back into the churn in order to be farmed by small percentage of highly-skilled PvPers as well as the cheaters who persist to this day.

In case you are curious about what the bug looked like, you can check out the video below, showing how it could be replicated and abused. 

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