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Warframe's cinematic intro gives Blizzard a run for their money

Published: 08:12, 08 July 2019
Digital Extremes
Warframe character swinging a sword of fire

Wake up Tenno, you've got a cinematic intro you don't want to miss. It may have taken six years for Digital Extremes to come up with a proper cinematic intro, but the wait was more than worth it as it gives Blizzard a run for their money.

It's no accident we're mentioning Blizzard, as their cinematic trailers have always been a joy to behold, and in that respect, mentioning Digital Extremes and Warframe in the same breath is quite the compliment we assure you. 

That said, Warframe's new cinematic is no accident and it's been made by Dan Trachtenberg, whom you surely know from his directorial work on 10 Cloverfield Lane, some Black Mirror episodes and the big screen version of Sony's Uncharted.

The new cinematic intro was a perfect gift for all the TennoCon attendees although it's far from being the only thing that came on Digital Extremes' annual meeting of free ninjas. In fact, you could argue that the intro is the least exciting addition to Warframe, as the dev unloaded more than a few immediate and future content coming to the game.

We'll leave the things that are in development for another article, as there's plenty to talk about, and instead, deal with the Warframe content that's already available for all. 

So, Warframe's Nightwave: Series 2 - The Emissary is live for all the available platforms, and Digital Extremes listed the awards Tenno can snap up:

Emissary Operator Collection (Tier 30): Become like Arlo's devoted with this Operator cosmetics collection.

• Chitoid Sentinel Bundle (Tier 29): Give any Sentinel a flair of Infestation with this pack.

• Protosomid Shoulder Guard (Tier 28): Loathsome tendrils squirm from these hefty shoulder guards.

• Umbra Forma (Tier 26): Apply the Umbra polarity to any Warframe or Weapon.

• Spore Ephemera (Tier 19): Leave a trail of filth with every footstep.

You can learn more about Warframe Nightwave: Series 2 - The Emissary on the official website

We'll be following up with more Warframe changes, including the new open world are that's currently in development by Digital Extremes, so stay tuned. 

Warframe's Venus-themed expansion Fortuna, by Digital Extremes

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Warframe: Fortuna

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