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Corpus Proxima and new Railjack go live in Warframe

Published: 11:10, 21 March 2021
Digital Extremes

Warframe players can now look forward to another bit of content, including a new area and a new Railjack to take to the new lands. Well, to the new space.

Railjack became a staple for Warframe ever since its introduction and Digital Extremes seem to be on the lookout to expand the players' experience with the ship.

To that end, the Tenno will encounter the new, improved, Railjack which features a redesigned bridge with different placing for the turrets. Technically, this should make the dogfights much easier, especially because all of the ship's functions have now been placed in a single space where navigation shouldn't be much of an issue.

Furthermore, the Railjack will be faster and more manoeuvrable than before on top of the players having higher base speed while moving around the vessel. On the flip side, the sprint bar has been removed.

You will be able to embark on two new Railjack missions - Orphix and Volatile missions. Those who already gave Orphix Venom a shot will be more familiar with the matter while Volatile missions will have squads infiltrate a Capital Ship and sabotage it from the inside.

As for the new area, Corpus Proxima consists of the deep space around Venus, Neptune and Pluto. It's awaiting the exploration by Tenno, with each planet offering new mission nodes, ship combat encounters, enemies aboard Capital Ships and new points of interest.

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