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Warframe's new rendering engine to provide some tasty graphics

Published: 02:19, 08 October 2020
Digital Extremes
Warframe's Corpus fleet reimagined
Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol, reimagined Corpus fleet

Digital Extremes posted a preview of the upcoming rendering engine changes and detailed some of the improvements that players can look forward to while searching the world of Warframe for eye candy.

Warframe graphics are getting improved and Tenno will be able to tick a box in the launcher options if they want to participate in the testing of the new rendering engine.

The new engine is meant to improve reflections and allow the game to utilise dynamic lighting and shadowing across the entire game. These changes will be most visible in the landscapes while smaller tiles will have subtler improvements.

Enhanced rendering system, as opposed to the Legacy one the players are currently on, should also be able to handle dynamic lighting better. In the case of Legacy system, Digital Extremes used a low number of dynamic lights per frame which could result in massive performance drops when additional ones would appear.

They took an example of a single muzzle flash that could cause the rendering engine to render everything nearby all over again. This wouldn't be that much of an issue in a hallway but re-rendering a Landscape that often would bring down both the CPU and GPU down to their knees.

With the Enhanced rendering system, the likes of colours, glossiness and shapes will be rendered out to offscreen buffers which will result in dynamic lighting costing "hardly more than those terrible glow sprites [Digital Extremes] used in the past".

Digital Extremes Warframe - Legacy on the left and Enhanced on the right Warframe - Legacy on the left and Enhanced on the right

Still, dynamic lighting will not be turned on everywhere for the time being, in order to properly test the changes that get introduced first. You can check out DE's full post and more screenshots on the official forums.

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