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Warframe to introduce your nemesis with Sister of Parvos update

Published: 23:54, 30 June 2021
Sisters of Parvos
Warframe - Sisters of Parvos update
Warframe - Sisters of Parvos update

Digital Extremes will soon introduce personal antagonists that will irritate Warframe players initially but can become highly useful later on.

Sisters of Parvos update is arriving to Warframe on July 6, 2021. When the update rolls out, the game will allow you to take on a personal antagonist, provided you don't have an active Kuva Lich already. If you do, you will need to wrap up that business first and complete The War Within and Call of the Tempestarii quests.

When you're done with that, activating a Sister will be as simple as attacking a Corpus ship after gaining Rank 1 in the Granum Void. Well, it will be somewhat more complicated - you will need to defeat her with a Mercy Kill, after which she will appear in the Origin system. 

When this happens, this trained assassin will start taxing your gains which is bound to frustrate players to no end. This taxation will apparently happen only when you loot on her turf and the only way to regain the goods is to kill or convert the Sister.

This can be done during the final showdown with her in the Neptune Proxima, at which point she can become a corpse, on-call backup or a Railjack crew member. 

Devs are also introducing a new Warframe that shoots water bubbles and poses for anime-like pictures all day long.

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