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Warframe Saint of Altra adds Gauss, Disruptions, guitar minigame

Published: 15:22, 02 September 2019
Digital Extremes
Warframe's musical instrument Shawzin
Warframe, Shawzin

Digital Extremes have rolled out the latest update to Warframe and it adds speed demon Gauss, new Disruption Mode missions, and also adds a musical dimension to everyone's favourite ninja slasher in the form of a playable guitar minigame.

Well, the guitar we refered to up there is not really a guitar since the dev insists on giving everything in Warframe's universe its own name, and the stringed instrument is called Shawzin, which is actually surprisingly musical-sounding itself.

Warframe's community is already interested in deepening the creativity of Shawzin shredder-pretenders, which is quite symbolic of how many of the game's features came about to begin with.

Moving on to the actual main star of the update, Digital Extremes wrote, "High speed, low drag - Gauss is turbo-charged and ready for rapid engagement. Survive the new Disruption Mode expansion to build this supersonic Warframe."

The key to using Warframe's new speedster is to never stop moving, as movement charges his Speed Gauge, helps with up to 80 per cent Shields recharging and slashes the recharge delay by just as much.

Gauss' March Rush lets him burst into hyper-sprint, knocking over enemies and charging his battery, whereas crashing into stuff will make shockwaves. You can rush continuously if you hold the key.

Kinetic Plating saves a portion of absorbed Kinetic Damage and converts it into energy, as well as protects the frame from being staggered and knocked down.

Thermal Sunder lets Warframe's new frame siphon kinetic energy, which charges the battery and inflicts Cold Status on enemies. Holding it does the exact opposite, discharging it and Heat Status-ing the baddies.

Last but not least is Redline which drives Gauss' baterry beyond the titular line, supercharging his abilities and overdriving Fire Rate, Attack Speed, Reload Speed and Holster Rate.

"Alad V, ever the enterprising businessman, has sold his tech to anyone with Credits to spare. As a result, Disruption Missions are popping up all over the Origin System bringing new rewards for willing Tenno like valuable Kuva from the new Kuva Fortress Disruption Node", the dev wrote about the Disruption Mode expansion.

New Missions/Tilesets

• More Disruption nodes are appearing in unexpected places, including the Corpus Outpost, Grineer Galleon, Grineer Settlement, Grineer Kuva Fortress, and Orokin Moon

  • New Challenges

• Grineer Enemies join the fray with a twist! Vay Hek’s grotesque collection of Ghouls take the place of Alad V’s Amalgams. Hold them off as they try to wrestle back control of the Terminals scattered around the mission.

  • New Rewards

• Earn Kuva in Kuva Fortress Disruption Missions or uncover the new Universal Syndicate Medallion, found in all Disruption nodes (except Mars) to gain 1,000 Standing with any of the core 6 Syndicates

Note: The Sacrifice Quest must be completed to unlock Disruption Mission Nodes for the Kuva Fortress and Lua.

Digital Extremes Warframe's new frame called Gauss Warframe, Gauss

Warframe's Saint of Altra should be on consoles pretty soon. Until then, you can learn more on Warframe's .

Warframe's Venus-themed expansion Fortuna, by Digital Extremes

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Warframe: Fortuna

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