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Variks will still be an ally in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Published: 08:12, 22 October 2020
Destiny 2 - Variks, Kell of Kells
Destiny 2 - Variks, Kell of Kells

Bungie released two trailers for Destiny 2 in quick succession, one for the story and the other one for Variks, both of which may point to the character not being hostile to Guardians.

Variks was an ally back in the days of Destiny and before Forsaken in Destiny 2. He was Queen Mara's advisor and a fan favourite character since we didn't often get the opportunity to converse with the Eliksni, or as most of us know them as - the Fallen, and he was unique in that way. The Spider is around now, sure, but many a Guardian liked Variks the Loyal much more.

That epithet changed with Forsaken, where he abandoned his post in the Prison of Elders which ultimately caused the deaths of Cayde and his Ghost. Probably not intentional, the consequence was seen as an act of betrayal and he disappeared mysteriously, only to be seen years later in the trailers for Beyond Light.

The latest two featured him more prominently. Story trailer hinted that he would be allying with the Guardians in order to stop Eramis, another Eliksni trying to fight for their kind. However, her methods have her dedicated to the Darkness while Variks may be looking for some more orthodox methods, like not going extinct.

Going to the lore page linked below the trailer, we can see a confirmation that Variks will indeed be an uneasy ally.

He is still acting as suspicious as an impostor in Among Us as he attempts to get Guardians to wield the Darkness in hopes that it wouldn't corrupt them. Or maybe, he's hoping the Darkness would focus on Guardians and not the Fallen in such an event. Still, the opportunist will be around and we will not be in open conflict with him for the time being.

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