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Variks returns in Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer

Published: 15:31, 22 September 2020
Destiny 2 - Variks, Kell of Kells
Destiny 2 - Variks, Kell of Kells

Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny: Beyond Light where players get another peek at Europa, the place where the new events will unfold. It already has inhabitants, an Mara Sov's betrayer among them.

Darkness seems to have found Europa rather homey as this is one of the topics of the new trailer. It also shows other interesting bits that were more or less confirmed in Beyond Light previews that came before such as the fact that Fallen and Vex have a presence on the moon.

One particular Eliksni caught our eye in the most recent trailer - Variks, Kell of Kells. For those not familiar with the role before Shadowkeep, Variks used to be an ally of Mara Sov, queen of the Reef and therefore Dreaming City.

However, his loyalty and ability to make the right decisions waned over time and it eventually caused him to set a chain of events in motion for which the Guardians are nurturing a personal vendetta.

It's him who is the prime suspect for the failure of security systems in the Prison of Elders, the one we visited in Forsaken content. Others may simply know it as the prison that housed Uldren Sov and his Scorned Barons who staged an escape on the same day the security failed and we were called in along with Petra Venj and Cayde-6.

The latter, a fan favourite character, did not return from that mission and we literally hunted down everyone responsible for his demise, except for Variks. 

It will be interesting to see if we will get to chase some more vengeance on Europa or if Variks actually had some plausible motives for doing what he did.

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