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Valorant: Chamber and Phoenix to get nerfed, Cypher buff announced

Published: 23:56, 14 September 2022
Riot Games
Valorant - Chamber
Valorant - Chamber

Chamer is in Riot's crosshairs once again but he is not the only one. Meanwhile, the Big Brother of Valorant is getting buffs.

Riot Games recently presented their ideas for the future of agent balancing and Chamber wrecking it in the higher ranks of ladder play is just not going to cut it.

He is the next one on the chopping block for the devs even after a series of nerfs that were essentially tentative. This type of wording suggests the next Chamber nerf might be more significant in order to bring him in line once and for all. Then again, he might just get nerfed into oblivion.

The other target for the nerf bat is Phoenix, Valorant 's poster child who can curve flashbangs around the corners while being essentially invulnerable, provided he used the ult.

This interaction, on top of the overall strength of his flashbang potential seems to be a thorn in the balance team's side, meaning the flashbangs are likely to get nerfed in the future.

Back to the topic of Sentinels, Chamber's power is not the only issue for the devs - the lack of power in other agents is as well. Cypher is one of those agents apparently and the team is keeping a close eye on him.

Riot Games Valorant - Kay-0 Valorant - Kay-0 is another one of the agents that could use a buff

Unfortunately, there are no details on the way he will potentially get buffed in the future but the Peeping Tom is more than likely to become meta once again .

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