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Valorant Agent 21 gets first details in Riot's update teaser

Published: 21:32, 14 September 2022
Riot Games
Valorant Masters Berlin Knockout Stage - player-suggested changes
Valorant Masters Berlin Knockout Stage - player-suggested changes

More agents are coming to Valorant and the next one is all about filling the spots that are in drought while channeling the powers of water.

Riot Games revealed a few more details about the next agent in Valorant who is going to be the first Controller since Astra's release back in early March 2021.

More than a year and a half later, the company is teasing the next agent in the same role, who seems to hail from India. While this one shares the role with Astra, the pool of agents there is a bit wider, kind of like the ocean.

That part is a teaser that probably hints this agent's powers will be based on water and just like the ocean, this agent will be able to "cover large open areas" that seem to be a "blue ocean of opportunity".

In that sense, the agent will be a bit like Viper, who can partition the playing area to allow teammates to rush the target or stop the enemy in their steps, provided you know how to execute the setup properly.

Besides additional water-based puns, Riot didn't reveal much about the agent except that #21 is almost ready to go out. With VCT underway, it's fair to assume the biggest of reveals are coming with the latest stages of the competition and the full reveal is likely to follow the finals.

Riot Games Valorant - Viper The new agent takes after Viper but prefers water over toxins

With just four matches left until the crowned champion, the wait shouldn't be too long as the tournament will wrap up on Sunday, September 18, 2022.

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