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Ubisoft confirm Anno 1800 to be exclusive to Epic Games Store

Published: 22:11, 29 March 2019
Several ships in the port, from Anno 1800
Anno 1800

Ubisoft confirmed that Blue Byte's city-building strategy Anno 1800 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and although it was listed for preorders on Steam, it won't be as of 16 April 2019. That's unless you've preordered it there.

If you put your money down for Anno 1800 already, or are planning to in the following days, you can still do so, which includes all the support, DLC, etc.

"Pre-orders on Steam can be made until the release of the game. Everyone who pre-ordered Anno 1800 on Steam will be able to play the game upon release and will automatically get all future updates and content", they wrote.

This, of course, includes support for Anno 1800 multiplayer, so platforms will be irrelevant in that respect.

We're not sure whether the decision will sit well with everyone though, even though Ubisoft seem to think that calling it in early will win them some points.

In truth, it doesn't seem to be much different from Deep Silver's ill-timed retreat of from GabeN's platform, even though they're still leaving Steam users some wiggling room.

Head of the Epic Games Store Steve Allison recently the matter, where he said that they'll try to avoid such situations in the future. We can't really say that this counts as avoiding it, because another game is leaving Steam about two weeks prior to launch.

While it's debatable whose decision these two-weeks notice periods are exactly, Epic's exclusive-reliant marketing strategy definitely isn't winning them any friends. They're even having to defend from allegations of being under

Ubisoft claim that the success they've had with the launch of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 on Ubisoft and Epic stores is what made them consider the switch.

Massive Entertainment Picture of the Capitol Building in The Division 2 The Division 2

The Division 2 ended up having more six times more preorders on Ubisoft's store , while the move away from Steam meant paying only 12 per cent, instead of 30 per cent they'd owe Valve. We can only hope that Anno 1800's launch will go the same way.


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