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Blue Byte announce Anno 1800 6.2 update for next week

Published: 18:05, 17 January 2020
Blue Byte
Anno 1800 - The Passage DLC aerial image
Anno 1800 - The Passage DLC

Blue Byte have posted an update on Anno 1800, whose year has been crowned with Dice Awards' nomination for Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year, and it's heading for an update next week. You can also find out why the latest instalment runs so well on laptops.

Having added back in December, Blue Byte really greatly expanded the world of Anno 1800. In fact, the amount of content across the DLC packages is quite impressive, and the dev deserves every bit of credit for the stellar work they're doing. 

As a crowning achievement, Dice Awards among the finalists for Strategy/Simulation of the year, along with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Oxygen Not Included, Slay the Spire and Total War: Three Kingdoms. 

Perhaps the best news is that Blue Byte are planning on plenty more Anno 1800 content in 2020 as well. "The Passage expanded the world of Anno 1800 significantly and to take the time to ensure quality and the support from the Anno Union paid off greatly. Furthermore, we have now a full season of content to look back and with that, a lot of valuable feedback to utilize for all future improvements and upcoming content", they wrote.

We'll have to wait a bit until there's content news to be shared, but until then there's the 6.2 Game Update, which improves graphs in the statistics menu and improves the chance of obtaining the Relics of the Expedition item by adding it to the Inuit trader. 

Blue Byte An Anno 1800 city at night Anno 1800, a city at night

If you're interested in the tech side of things, specifically how Blue Byte made Anno 1800 run better than any of its predecessors, you can do so on the dev's lengthy . It's actually quite impressive how their attention to detail and tireless testing ultimately produced a smooth experience on slower machines, while retaining a gloriously gorgeous one on faster ones. 

We didn't list the minor bug fixes, but you can check them out in the .

Anno 1800 pre-release images from Blue Byte and Ubisoft

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Anno 1800

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