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Anno 1800 - celebrating the release of Passage DLC with a free week

Published: 19:57, 10 December 2019
Blue Byte
Anno 1800 - The Passage DLC promo image
Anno 1800 - The Passage DLC

Anno 1800 just got its third DLC called The Passage. The new content adds the immense Arctic to the title, along with two new citizen tiers, a fresh airship system and a host of new quests. The game will also have a free week event that will go live on December 11.

Anno 1800 got a brand new DLC today. The Passage was teased in a trailer of this year. The third round of downloadable content will take its players to the Arctic and plunge them into a "dangerous adventure". 

The players will have to use the new production chains and goods in order to build an arctic outpost strong enough to brave the harsh conditions. You'll even be able to take your trusty airship and traverse the newly added landscapes.

The Passage will let you create a bunch of arctic outposts as well as a squadron of airships that will help you speed up the trading routes across "all sessions of your empire". The DLC will also add two new residential tiers - Explorer and Technician. While the weather outside is frightful you will be equipped with an all-new heating system that'll help you make sure your residents are nice and cosy.

The DLC includes:

  • 2 new citizen tiers
  • New airship system
  • 32 new buildings
  • 7 new production chains
  • 13 new production goods
  • 60 new quests
  • 80 new items

This is the last piece of DLC that we know is covered by the game's Season Pass. You can also purchase it a la carte for ₤12,61.

Blue Byte Anno 1800 - The Passage DLC aerial image Anno 1800 - The Passage DLC

If you've been waiting to give Anno 1800 a spin, you'll get a chance to do just that - for free - from December 11, 2019 at 1:00 pm GMT, until December 18, 2019 at 5:00 pm GMT. Preloads and registrations can be found right through .

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