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Blue Byte announce Anno 1800 is the fastest selling one yet

Published: 10:05, 30 April 2019
Screenshot of Anno 1800 cutscene with the queen out for blood
Anno 1800

German developer Blue Byte have taken to Twitter to announce that their delicious city-building strategy Anno 1800 is officially the franchise's fastest selling entry, and the post is signed by ''60 extremely grateful game developers''.

Blue Byte showed some Week 1 stats as well, and Anno 1800's total citizen count almost matched the Earth's, although Anno's citizens are admittedly much less whiney.

Almost 7 billion citizens worked more than 1 billion wheat fields on more than 3 million Anno 1800 islands, so business is obviously booming.

Players finished nearly 16,000 World Fair buildings and, as you can see, there was some naval warfare involved as well.

In our , Telxvi wrote, The city-builder has the potential to obliterate hours as if they were minutes and has notifications warning to stretch legs, eat, and check on your next of kin for a reason. A planned quick session can easily devour half a day before you know it."

Indeed, if you're looking to get into Anno games, Anno 1800 is probably the best pick, as the game is truly a culmination of decades of experience, both in terms of gameplay and learning curve.

Anno 1800 has recently received its first update, which fixed some desync issues in multiplayer and did some fine balancing, but the dev has much more in store. 

Blue Byte are planning for three DLCs as part of the Season Pass, and there's also the co-op mode in the vein of Anno 1404's multiplayer, where two players basically control the same faction.

"Post-launch, we have first committed to a classic 1404 style core multiplayer that will come as a free update. This will allow two players to play as one character - so you can share the islands. You can have one person who takes the care of the steel factories and the riot going on in the streets, while the other player takes care of ships etc." Blue Byte wrote.

Ubisoft Anno 1800, Week 1 in pictures Anno 1800

You can find Blue Byte's celebratory tweet of Anno 1800 results over


Anno 1800 is a real-time strategy by Blue Byte and Ubisoft

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Anno 1800

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