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Anno 1800's Game Update 4 brings Sunken Treasures DLC

Published: 00:11, 31 July 2019
Updated: 08:26, 31 July 2019
Anno 1800 screenshot of royal harbour with island in the background
Anno 1800 - Her Majesty's docking facilities

Blue Byte and Ubisoft have finally rolled out the highly anticipated Game Update 4 for their excellent city builder and real-time strategy Anno 1800, adding the Sunken Treasures DLC, rebalanced expeditions, better zooming and a few more.

Note that the Sunken Treasures DLC is free for Anno 1800's Season Pass holders, but there's no need to despair as Blue Byte ensured the rest of the players won't be left out.

While Sunken Treasures is paid content, everything you find in the Release Notes below is free for all Anno 1800 players as part of Game Update 4.

For starters, the update will grant you much better visibility in Anno 1800. Head over to the gameplay options menu and activate the increased camera distance. You're likely to love it in combination with the game's new expansive locale from the titular DLC.

Blue Byte claim they've improved and optimized Anno 1800 performance, which should result in an improved viewing range.

Anno 1800 now comes with the minimum stock system in the Trading Post, although you'll need to remove the old settings.

There are also the reworked and rebalanced Expedition rewards so as to make them more rewarding across the board. Playing Anno 1800 in easy grants uncommon or rare rewards, medium grants rare or epic, while hard is reserved for epic and legendary rewards.

"We have improved the usability of the trade routes menu, adding a text filter and a toggle for other ships displayed in the trade route menu strategy map. You can also select these ships to add them to your trade routes from the strategy map", Blue Byte said.

Anno 1800's developer reduced the game's low-threat incident spam, sped up workers after several bargaining rounds, increased the yields of architectural expos, where the latter will give you more than three ornaments.

The quality of rewards like quests and drops has been balanced a bit, and the same goes for the moral value in the expedition difficulty level, with the morale bar filling up at a much faster rate.

AltChar Anno 1800 screenshot showing town streets during a festival Anno 1800 - Town festival

With the Game Update 4, Blue Byte have also completely reworked the chat. You can learn more on the official Anno 1800 .

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